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    SMAP 2024

  • On behalf of the French Society of Mass Spectrometry (SFSM) and the French Proteomics Society (FPS), we are pleased to announce that the next conference on Mass Spectrometry and Proteomic Analysis (SMAP) will be held in Lille at the Grand Palais from September 16 to 19, 2024.

    This interdisciplinary event bringing together the world of mass spectrometry analysis and proteomics returns to its traditional “SMAP” format for the first time since 2019.

    SMAP2024, will be a space of scientific emulsion between technological development and applications of all kinds. The world of biological analysis awaits you, for new collaborations, to meet new partners, to present your new discoveries.

    400 people are expected, a unique opportunity in France to meet new partners. Thanks to its location in the heart of Europe, Lille has all it takes to attract our border colleagues, who are widely included in our organization and invited to present.

    Come and discover new fields of application and present your work, products and methods. Major partners in scientific instrumentation, sample preparation and data processing have already expressed their interest in this event.

  • 16
    themes to cover mass spectrometry and proteomics analysis
      Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics
      Spatial OMICs and MS Imaging
      Top-Down and Structural analysis
      Proteogenomics and metaproteomics
      New topics in OMICs
      Plant and Food OMICs
      Lipidomics, Metabolomics, and Small molecules
      Ion mobility spectrometry
      Instrumental development
      Environmental analysis
      Complex mixtures - polymers - microplastics
      Forensic and cultural heritage
      Health and biological sciences
      PTM (Post-Translational Modifications)

  • A local committee from all the Hauts de France
  • Isabelle FOURNIER, PRISM Inserm U1192 Jean-François GOOSSENS, Pharma ULR GRITA
    Michel SALZET, PRISM Inserm U1192 Yann GUERARDEL, UGSF
    Gabriel BILLON, LASIRE UMR8516 Johan HACHANI, LBHE UR2465 Univ. Artois
    Tristan CARDON, PRISM Inserm U1192 Michael HOWSAM, RID-AGE Inserm U1167
    Blandine CHAZARIN, PRISM Inserm U1192 Luc HUMBERT, CBP CHU Lille
    Etienne COYAUD, PRISM Inserm U1192 Mostafa KOUACH, Pharma ULR GRITA
    Anne-Frédérique DESSEIN, CBP CHU Lille Antonella RAFFO-ROMERO, PRISM Inserm U1192
    Bodale DJOBO, CBP CHU Lille Christian ROLANDO, MSAP
    Sophie DUBAN, LBHE UR2465 Univ. Artois Jean-Michel SALIOU, Pasteur Lille
    Marie DUHAMEL, PRISM Inserm U1192 Zoltan TAKATS, PRISM Inserm U1192
    Christophe FLAHAUT, BioEcoAgro Frédéric TESSIER, RID-AGE Inserm U1167
    Stéphanie FLAMENT, MSAP Maxence WISZTORSKI, PRISM Inserm U1192
    Julien FRANCK, PRISM Inserm U1192  
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